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If you're a student getting ready for the Norskprøve exam, you've come to the right place. Our practice page is here to help you get better at at describing pictures

What Can You Do Here?

Practice similar to the exam:

You will see images similar to those on the actual exam. This will help you feel comfortable and prepared. Take a look at 5 pictures – just slide left or right. Our e-book has 50 pictures! So, you'll be really prepared for your exam.

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Words to Help You:

We'll suggest words you can use to describe the pictures. You'll learn new words to make your descriptions better.

Lots of Practice:

You'll get to describe many pictures. This will make you really good at it.

Write Your Descriptions:

We have a special space where you can write your descriptions. No distractions, just focus on your writing.

Useful phrases in Norwegian for describing pictures

We'll give you useful phrases in Norwegian for describing pictures with example.

Practice makes perfect, which means less stress during the exam!

Write Your Description

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Useful phrases in Norwegian for describing pictures

Bildet viser ...Bildet viser en solnedgang over havet (The picture shows a sunset over the sea)
I forgrunnen ser vi ...I forgrunnen ser vi en båt som driver på vannet (In the foreground, we see a boat drifting on the water)
I bakgrunnen kan vi se ...I bakgrunnen kan vi se fjellene som stiger opp mot himmelen (In the background, we can see the mountains rising towards the sky)
På venstre/høyre side av bildet er det ...På venstre side av bildet er det en skog, og på høyre side er det en åpen slette (On the left side of the picture, there is a forest, and on the right side, there is an open field)
Det ser ut som om ...Det ser ut som om fuglene flyr i formasjon (It looks like the birds are flying in formation)
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