Getting Started

Norsk AI Tutor is an app that helps students prepare for the Norskprøve Writing Exam and other writing tasks. It uses OpenAI, to analyze and process information from the internet and understand human language.The app functions like a Norwegian teacher 🧑‍🏫

How to use


Describe Images

Improve your image description skills, just like the ones you'll encounter on the real exam. The more you practice, the better prepared you'll become for the Norskprøve exam.

  • 📝 Type your writing task in the main input field. E.g. you can write: Can you write a comparison between Oslo and Krakow or Write me a short email to a company and say thank you for their services.
  • 🏁 Start with either Write, Tell, Describe, or Compare, and so on...
  • 🧹 Before you begin, it's important to start with a clean `sheet of paper`. To do this, simply click the `Clean Sheet` button to clear your workspace and start fresh.
  • 🌍 Write your question in any language - it doesn't have to be Norwegian. Polish, English, or any other language will work.
  • 🔁 If you're having trouble, you can simply start over and try again.
  • 🔑 The more precisely you write what you need, the more precise answer you will get.

List of Example Uses:

  • 📝 Learn to write different types of letters, such as a complaint letter, cover letter, or any other type of letter.
  • 🏡 Learn to write descriptions, e.g., describing the advantages and disadvantages of remote work.
  • 🏰 Learn to write descriptions, e.g., describing your favorite place in Norway, such as Akershus Fortress.
  • 📱 Learn to write posts for your Instagram or Facebook account.
  • 📝 Learn to write a poem about love.
  • 🚗 Learn to write comparisons, e.g., comparing two different types of cars.
  • 🍲 Learn to write descriptions, e.g., describing your favorite dish and how it is prepared. The dish is called bigos.
  • 🖼️ Learn to write descriptions, e.g., describing what is happening in a picture to practice describing pictures.
  • 🤒 Learn to write an SMS or email to your boss to inform them that you are sick and will not be coming to work.
  • 📝 Learn to write a cover letter for any position.
  • 🩺 Learn to write a note to your child's school or kindergarten to inform them that your child is sick.
  • 🎉 Learn to write invitations for your birthday or your child's birthday.
  • 📝 Learn to write a resignation letter from your job.